The Wait is Over, We're Open!

The New Reversed Rescue Ranch is Open!

Our brand new Rescue Ranch nestled in the hills of Leona Valley, CA offers support for surrounding shelters and areas where rescue is desperately needed. The RR Ranch also offers community support for education, training and all around advocacy.

RR takes on neglect cases, strays, medical cases and more. We investigate illegal back yard breeding rings and fight rings for closure. 

RR is set out to change the world for the name of this misunderstood breed, doing it one Pitbull at a time! 


RR now offers Boarding, Training, Group Classes, CGC testing, Puppy Training Classes and Day Care for all breeds at the new Ranch!

Every single service provided, proceeds go 100% to RR to save more dogs and operate our facility for them.

Email RR for Boarding, Training, Classes and More at: RR@ReversedRescue.com

Overused Breeder Retirement Turnovers Pups

These 4 pups were turned over for retirement to RR after being used for years as breeder machines to make profit.

Most breeding pups never leave the create or kennel and never see the light of day until released, much like solitary confinement.

These pups will undergo all needed medical and be then spayed/Neutered when cleared so they never have to be forced to produce pups again.

Once we have taken them through all of this we will take the time to get to know them, decompress and get them onto their new lives with loving families.

Help us do this for these 4 and many more by donating today.



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