Rescue Volunteers work along side the Reversed Rescue Team to help save pitbulls that are victim of illegal animal cruelty, fighting rings, horrible back yard breeders and natural disasters. Whether an out of control hoarder, dogfighting operation, hurricane or puppy mill, Animal Rescue Volunteers travel from all corners of the country to assist in the on-going care of pitbulls and other animals that need rescued from each situation at hand.


When the Reversed Rescue Team responds to a hotline tip, law enforcement action or natural disaster, volunteers are called in to help provide care to pitbulls in our emergency outreach area of Los Angeles and surrounding shelters. Rescue Volunteers come from all walks of life, generously giving their time to apply their skills and experience in response to pitbulls in need. From animal handling and cage cleaning to administrative tasks, the work of Rescue Volunteers is the true core of the Reversed Rescues mission to save pitbulls' lives.


Rescue Volunteers often report that assisting with a Reversed Rescue operation changes their lives. They never forget the pitbulls they helped get on the road to recovery, or the people who are a part of this important mission. Volunteers learn important skills, undertake new challenges, travel to previously unknown areas of the Los Angeles, and become part of a community that understands the importance of protecting pitbulls from harm and elements that can get them killed in society or shelters.

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